About us

Dogiti is the fastest growing online store featuring some of the most unique and high-quality products for your pet’s needs. We assess the quality of each of our items before listing them on our store. Carrying rigorous testing and research enables us to bring to you the best products for your fur friend.

Aiming to provide pets with the great quality of life they deserve, our team constantly look to increase our items’ database. Either it’s the softer beds for the cosy nights or squeaky toys that give your pets company while you are away, we seek to become the one-stop destination for pet owners and lovers.

For us, pets are not just customers but a manifestation of unconditional love. And our online store embraces the precious friendship of our four-legged family members by offering the best collection of products.

We, as a team choose compassion and empathy over profits and commerce. Therefore, we try bringing pet items at the most affordable rates.

Choose Us, if:

  • You want someone by your side in taking good care of your pet.
  • Raising your pets with the best pet items that give them the optimum overall development matters the most.
  • Compromising with the quality of your four-legged friend lifestyle seems a sin.

Together, as a huge community, we can give our friends with wagging tails the best chance to prosper and grow in a peaceful environment.

Buy our products and allow us to help in every possible way to make your pet happy. We will do everything to match your expectations and grow as one community to bring more variety of products for your furry friends.