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Automatic Anti-Bark Dog Collar
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Silence barking and strengthen the bond with our anti-bark dog collar

  • Effectively reduces excessive barking

  • Safe and humane training solution

  • Promotes quieter and calmer behaviour

  • Adjustable for various dog sizes

  • Enhances peace in your home

"The anti-bark Collar is a game-changer. It effectively reduced my dog's excessive barking, bringing peace to our home." - Emma S.

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  • 300 mAh rechargeable battery for 10 days of autonomy

  • Lightweight collar (78g) to avoid pressure on your dog's neck

  • Water-resistant for all-weather use

  • Adjustable collar to fit all sizes of dog

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A Quiet Home, A Happy Dog

Is your furry friend's enthusiastic barking becoming a bit too much to handle? It's not uncommon for our beloved pups to get a little carried away with their vocal expressions. That's where Dogiti's Effective Anti-Bark Dog Collar comes to the rescue! Excessive barking can lead to stress and tension in your household, and finding a humane solution can be a challenge. Our anti-bark collar offers a simple and effective way to help your dog understand when it's time to tone it down, ensuring a harmonious environment for both you and your four-legged companion.

Humane, Effective, and Stress-Free

The Anti-Bark Dog Collar comes with a lot of benefits that make it a valuable addition to your pet care essentials. Imagine a world where your dog's barking is reduced without resorting to harsh measures. This collar uses safe and gentle vibrations and sounds to deter excessive barking, teaching your dog to associate quietness with comfort. Say goodbye to noise complaints from neighbours and hello to a more relaxed, peaceful atmosphere at home.

Experience tranquil days and quiet nights with our anti-bark solution

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Comfortable and Customizable

This innovative collar is packed with features designed to ensure your dog's comfort and well-being. It's adjustable to fit dogs of various sizes and breeds, providing a secure and snug fit. The collar is lightweight, so your dog won't be burdened by its presence, and it's made of durable materials to withstand active play. The anti-bark sensitivity levels are customizable to suit your dog's unique needs, and it's designed to avoid false triggers from other dogs' barking.

A Quieter Tomorrow Starts Today

But there's even more to love about the Effective Anti-Bark Dog Collar. It's rechargeable, saving you the hassle and cost of constantly replacing batteries. The waterproof design means it works rain or shine, indoors or outdoors. Don't let excessive barking strain your relationships or disrupt your peace any longer. Take action now to improve your dog's behaviour and your quality of life.

Order the Anti-Bark Dog Collar today and experience a quieter, calmer home environment. Don't wait – choose harmony and order now for a happier, quieter life with your beloved pet by your side.

Say goodbye to annoying barking and hello to a harmonious home

  • Free UK Shipping for a limited time only!

What makes our anti-bark collar special?

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Gentle Vibration for Bark Control

Rechargeable Battery

Long Battery Life

Safe and Painless 

Adjustable Collar Size

Durable and Waterproof

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30-day Money-back Guarantee

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Questions? We've got you covered

Is the anti-bark collar safe for my dog?
Yes, our Anti-Bark Dog Collar is designed with your dog's safety in mind. It delivers humane corrections that are safe and effective, ensuring your dog's well-being during training.
Can the collar be used for all dog sizes and breeds?
Yes, the Anti-Bark Dog Collar is suitable for dogs of various sizes and breeds. It typically features adjustable settings to accommodate different sensitivity levels and bark intensities.
Will the collar stop my dog from barking completely?
 The Anti-Bark Dog Collar is designed to reduce excessive barking and discourage unwanted behavior. However, individual results may vary depending on your dog's temperament and training consistency.
Is the collar suitable for puppies?
While the Anti-Bark Dog Collar can be used for puppies, it's essential to ensure that your puppy is old enough to understand the training and that you follow the recommended guidelines for using the collar on young dogs.
How do I clean and maintain the anti-bark collar?
Cleaning is straightforward. Wipe the collar with a damp cloth to remove dirt or debris. Additionally, ensure that the collar's contact points are clean and free from any residue to maintain proper functioning.

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