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Electric Shock Training Dog Collar
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Say goodbye to annoying barking and hello to a harmonious home

  • Effectively reduces excessive barking

  • Safe and humane training solution

  • Customizable intensity levels

  • Helps reinforce commands and behaviour

  • Adjustable for various dog sizes

"This training collar exceeded my expectations. It's humane, effective, and transformed dogs behavior positively." - Linda M.

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  • Training modes: Beep, vibration and painless shock

  • Operating distance: Maximum range 800m

  • Dog size: From 10 to 40 kg

  • Collar material: Comfortable rubber

  • Standby time: Remote control - 60 days, Collar - 15 days

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Effective Training with Your Dog's Comfort in Mind

Is training your dog becoming a challenging task, leaving both you and your pup feeling frustrated? The Dogiti Electric Shock Training Dog Collar is here to provide a solution that's both effective and gentle. We understand that teaching your furry friend manners and commands can sometimes be tough, especially if they're spirited and energetic. Our training collar offers a humane way to communicate with your dog, ensuring a more obedient and happier partnership.

The Key to a Well-Behaved Dog

The Electric Shock Training Dog Collar, featuring a waterproof design, offers a multitude of benefits, making it an invaluable tool for dog owners. Imagine a world where you can communicate with your dog from a distance, guiding it with a simple beep, vibration, or painless shock when necessary, even in wet conditions. This collar allows you to reinforce commands and boundaries, helping your dog understand and respond more quickly. Say goodbye to tugging on leashes or shouting commands and hello to effective and stress-free training sessions. Plus, it's suitable for dogs weighing 10 to 40 kg, making it versatile for various breeds.

Train smarter and kinder with our safe and effective training collar

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Features That Put You in Control

This versatile training collar has impressive features designed to make training a breeze. With an operating range of up to 800 meters, you can maintain control even when your dog is off-leash or at a distance. The collar is made from comfortable rubber to ensure your dog's comfort during wear. Both the remote control and collar have impressive standby times, with the remote lasting up to 60 days and the collar up to 15 days on a single charge. It's a convenient and reliable tool to help you and your dog communicate better.

Your Dog's Better Behavior Starts Now

But there's more to discover about the Electric Shock Training Dog Collar. It offers three training modes – beep, vibration, and painless shock – allowing you to choose the most suitable method for your dog's needs. Ready to enhance your dog's training experience and strengthen your bond? Don't hesitate. Take action today to improve your dog's behavior and make training sessions more enjoyable for both of you. 

Transform your dog's behavior gently with our effective collar

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What makes our anti-bark collar special?

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Painless Shock Mode

Rechargeable Battery

Safe and Painless 

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Suitable for All Dog Sizes

Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

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Questions? We've got you covered

 Is the training collar safe for my dog?
Yes, our Electric Shock Training Dog Collar is designed with safety in mind. It typically features adjustable settings, allowing you to choose the appropriate level of stimulation for your dog's size and sensitivity, ensuring a safe and effective training experience.
Can I use the training collar for all dog sizes and breeds?
Yes, the Electric Shock Training Dog Collar is suitable for dogs of various sizes and breeds. It usually comes with adjustable settings to accommodate different training needs.
Is the collar effective for teaching basic commands?
Yes, the training collar can be effective for teaching basic commands and addressing common behavioral issues. Consistent and positive reinforcement training with the collar can help your dog learn and follow commands.
Can I use the collar for puppies?
While the Electric Shock Training Dog Collar can be used for puppies, it's essential to ensure that your puppy is old enough to understand the training and that you follow the recommended guidelines for using the collar on young dogs.
How do I clean and maintain the training collar?
Cleaning is straightforward. Wipe the collar with a damp cloth to remove dirt or debris. Additionally, ensure that the collar's contact points are clean and free from any residue to maintain proper functioning.

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