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Outdoor Raised Dog Bed with Durable Frame
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Elevate sleep quality and joint health with our premium raised bed

  • Elevated design for joint support

  • Improves overall sleep quality for pets

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

"My dog's comfort is a top priority. This Raised Bed has improved her mobility, and she loves lounging on it." - Grace R.

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Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Pet Beds

Lots of pet owners struggle to find a bed that's cozy for their pets and easy to keep clean. This often means pets end up with uncomfortable spots to relax. But, there's good news! Dogiti's Raised Dog Bed is the answer to this problem. Say goodbye to those not-so-comfy beds and hello to a raised bed that's super comfy and a breeze to clean.

A Dream Bed for Your Pet

This elevated bed is like a dream come true for your pet. It's incredibly comfy and helps them avoid discomfort and achy joints, which is especially important for older pets. Your pet will love how cozy it is, and you'll love that it's easy to clean, making both you and your pet happy.

Discover a new level of comfort for your pup with our elevated bed

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Elevated Design for Warm Days

The Raised Dog Bed isn't just about comfort; it's practical too. It's built to last with strong materials, so it can handle your pet's playfulness and maybe even some puppy antics. The elevated design lets air flow underneath, keeping your pet cool on hot days, which they'll appreciate. Plus, the cover can be taken off and tossed in the washing machine, making your life simpler and your pet's bed fresh and clean.

Transform Your Pet's Resting Time

But there's even more to like. Your pet will enjoy great sleep, whether it's a quick nap or a whole night's rest, making them even more energetic and ready to play. Make your pet's rest time super comfy and your life easier with the Raised Dog Bed. Say goodbye to uncomfortable pet beds and welcome the perfect mix of comfort and practicality into your home. Turn your pet's resting time into the ultimate comfy experience. Choose it now and give your pet the luxury they deserve.

Support your dog's health and sleep in style with our raised bed

  • Free UK Shipping for a limited time only!

What makes our beds special?

Other Dog Beds

Elevated Design for Airflow

Orthopedic Support

Non-Slip Feet

Sturdy Construction

Cool and Breathable Material

Easy to Clean and Maintain

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30-day Money-back Guarantee

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Questions? We've got you covered

 What is the purpose of a raised dog bed, and how does it provide comfort?
A raised dog bed like the Dogiti Raised Dog Bed offers several benefits. It elevates your dog off the ground, providing better airflow, reducing the risk of pests, and offering orthopedic support. The raised design also keeps your dog comfortable by minimizing pressure points.
Is the Dogiti Raised Dog Bed suitable for dogs of all sizes?
Yes, the Raised Dog Bed is designed to accommodate dogs of all sizes. It comes in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your pet, whether they're a small breed or a larger one.
How does the raised design benefit dogs with joint issues?
The elevated design of our Dogiti Raised Dog Bed helps dogs with joint issues by reducing the stress on their joints. It provides even support across their body, which can alleviate discomfort and promote better rest.
Can this bed be used outdoors?
Yes, the Dogiti Raised Dog Bed is suitable for outdoor use. Its elevated design keeps your dog off the ground, preventing them from lying on wet or hot surfaces. It's also made with durable and weather-resistant materials.
Is the Raised Dog Bed easy to clean?
Cleaning is a breeze. The bed's cover is typically removable and machine washable, making it convenient to maintain cleanliness and hygiene for your pet.

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