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Travel Dog Car Seat for Safety
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Enjoy stress-free travel with a safe and comfy car seat for your pup

  • Ensures your pet's safety during car rides

  • Reduces stress and anxiety in the car

  • Easy to install and adjust

  • Durable and easy to clean

  • Enhances road trip experiences

"This car seat is a must-have. It keeps my dog safe and cozy during every journey, and I wouldn't travel without it." - John M.

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Safer and More Comfortable Car Rides

Are car rides with your furry friend turning into a chaotic and uncomfortable experience for both of you? The Dogiti Dog Car Seat is here to provide a practical and safe solution to this common problem. We understand that travelling with your dog can be stressful, with constant worry about their safety and comfort. Our car seat offers a secure and cozy space for your pup during car rides, ensuring they stay safe and you stay focused on the road.

Calmer Rides, Happier Dogs

The Dog Car Seat offers a lot of benefits that make it an essential addition to your travel routine. Imagine driving without the distraction of a restless or anxious dog, and without compromising their safety. This car seat provides a secure spot for your furry friend, preventing them from moving around and causing distractions while you drive. Say goodbye to the stress of keeping your dog in check during trips, and hello to a safer, more enjoyable journey for both you and your pet.

Elevate your dog's journey with secure, cozy, and stylish seating

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Features That Put Your Dog's Safety and Comfort First

This innovative car seat is loaded with features designed to prioritize your dog's safety and comfort. It comes with adjustable straps to ensure a snug and secure fit in your car, preventing any movement during the ride. The seat is elevated, allowing your dog to enjoy a better view and reducing motion sickness. It's made with durable materials and a soft, cushioned interior for your pet's comfort. Plus, the car seat is easy to clean, ensuring a fresh and tidy environment for your dog.

More Convenience, More Safety

But that's not all! The Dog Car Seat also folds easily for convenient storage when not in use. It's suitable for dogs of various sizes. Keep your dog safe and comfortable during your travels and make your journeys more enjoyable for everyone involved. Don't wait for another chaotic car ride.

Order the Dogiti Dog Car Seat today and experience the peace of mind that comes with a secure and happy pup.

Travel peacefully knowing your dog is safe, secure, and happy

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What makes our dog car seat special?

Other Dog Car Seats

Maximum Comfort for Dogs

Suitable for All Car Models

Unique Design

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Easy Installation

Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

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Questions? We've got you covered

Is the car seat suitable for all dog sizes and breeds?
Yes, our Dog Car Seat is suitable for dogs of various sizes and breeds. It typically offers enough room for your dog to sit comfortably while ensuring their safety.
Can the car seat be used for puppies?
While the Dog Car Seat can be used for puppies, it's essential to ensure that your puppy is secure and comfortable in the seat. Use a harness or attachment to prevent your puppy from sliding or jumping out.
 Does the car seat work in all types of vehicles?
The Dogiti Dog Car Seat is designed to work in most standard vehicles with adjustable seatbelts. However, it's essential to check the compatibility of your car's seatbelt system before purchasing.
Is the car seat suitable for long car rides?
Yes, the Dog Car Seat is ideal for long car rides. It provides a comfortable and secure space for your dog to relax during extended journeys, reducing stress and anxiety.
Can I use the car seat in the front passenger seat?
It's generally safer to use the car seat in the rear seat, as airbags in the front passenger seat can pose a risk to your dog's safety in the event of deployment. 

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at or +44 791 560 9169


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